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Discount for you and all your staff at Mark’s Work Warehouse

cards are mailed to members (cards have an expiry date listed – can be used multiple times)

Cards are good for one year from the date of issue (marked on the card)

You can be used on an ongoing basis (you keep the card and use it every time you shop at Mark’s).  Membership renewal ensures you continue to get the discount.  CKCA will send you enough cards for you to share with all your staff. Because every little bit helps!

Footwear Programs

Mark’s Commercial supplies thousands of businesses across Canada with compliant industrial workwear, footwear, PPE as well as branded uniforms and apparel.  Outfit your crew from head to toe through bulk wholesale programs that send you the right products to the right place at the right time.

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Contact Mark Remington, Small Business Group, Mark’s Commercial

Email:  mark.remington@marks.com or call 403-692-7641

Please identify yourself as a member of CKCA to Mark.

Petro-Canada offers CKCA Members this Association Program for manufacturers and suppliers

  • Think about how much you spend in fuel.
  • 5 cars use 20,000L of fuel in 1 year.
  • As a CKCA member, with SuperPass you get a 2.4 cent / litre discount on every purchase.
  • That’s over $400 saved in a year
  • That’s not all!  You can augment the program you already have. Check out the options here and see why other companies are using this program to save them time and money.


Candybox Marketing

your website is your virtual showroom and your hub for business.

are you getting your money’s worth from it?

does your website generate a presence?

get a 30 minute free consult on your website – get the pointers you need to start making your website work for you.

  • Statistics say that websites are THE most important first point of contact.
  • We know you do great work, but how will that potential client know?
  • Are you maximizing your website to it full potential?
  • If you lost customers because they couldn’t easily find something on your website, how would you even know?

CKCA partnered with Candybox Marketing to offer our members smart, strategic, authentic advice based on Candybox’s extensive experience in launching 400+ websites in the last 8 years. They measure their success by delivering what is on a clients digital wish list. CKCA has hosted Candybox Marketing to present at CKCA conferences because we know how good they are, do you?

As a recognized Google Partner, their team of certified professionals will help you generate leads by effectively crafting your customized campaigns.  They offer full transparent reporting and monthly consultation that ensures you know exactly how and where your money is being invested and the significance to your ROI.

Neil Persaud of Candybox Marketing says “we’re a social bunch, with the experience and expertise to empower more than 1,000 businesses with their Social Media channels.  We offer workshops to train professionals, managed and deployed 100+ Social Media campaigns.”

If you haven’t done so already, download your free copy of “37 Ways your Website Died” and call Neil to get your free 30 minute assessment of what’s happening on your website.  It may be the best 30 minutes you spend today.

Visit the Candybox website (scroll to the bottom to get the free downloadable book) 

Offering CKCA members a $15K (yes that’s 15K) savings on installation fees.

Learn here why other CKCA members such as Deslaurier Cabinets and Decor Cabinets use Packsize and take advantage of member special rates today!

increase warehouse space, get rid of old stock, reduce dumping fees – donate! We make it easier to donate through a partnership program. just call rumee strestha at 647-289-5064 or rshrestha@habitat.ca and tell them you’re a ckca member


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Become a PANASONIC VIP Purchase Program Member

It’s easy and only available to CKCA members and their employees!

Why?  Because you can access substantial savings on Panasonic Products for home and (coming soon) for the office!

How?  Just create a profile through the e-store portal. Panasonic verifies your CKCA membership and you’re done!

The savings you can get could easily offset any membership dues for the year AND your employees can get the program too!


To access this exclusive offer, you must log into the member only section of the CKCA website – if you don’t have your member log-in information, please contact us at info@ckca.ca

You can also read about the full program overview (as noted in the above document) CLICK HERE