Centre for Advanced Wood Processing

Vancouver, BC - Point Grey Campus

Job ID:28237

Employment Group:  Management & Professional (AAPS)

Job Category:  Educational Programming

Classification Title:  Educ. Programming, Level B

VP/Faculty:  Faculty of Forestry

Department:  Department of Wood Science

Salary Range:  $59,632.00 (minimum) – $71,588.00 (midpoint) – $85,904.00 (maximum)

Full/Part Time:  FullTime

Desired Start Date:  01/02/2018

Job End Date:  31/01/2019

Funding Type:  Grant Funded

Closing Date:  05/12/2017


Responsible for the day-to-day coordination and management of major curriculum development and training projects at CAWP, as well as planning, development, assessment and delivery of a diverse range of industry educational and outreach activities. Coordinates and conducts marketing and promotion for continuing education and training programs. Leads skills development projects for industry clients, instructs some training and education programs.


The Centre for Advanced Wood Processing (CAWP) is Canada’s national education, training and extension centre for the value-added wood processing industry. It provides a variety of lifelong learning opportunities to the industry, such as certificate programs, short courses, workshops, seminars and conferences. CAWP also operates an industry capacity building program in which companies receive outreach services to assist them in designing, prototyping and developing new products, organising their production facilities, and other technical tasks. CAWP also supports the B.Sc. Wood Products Processing undergraduate program through the provision of technical facilities and technicians, and operates a co-op education program.


  1. Coordinates course development activities for major domestic and international training and educational capacity-building projects. Functions include project management, budget creation and tracking, coordination of and liaison with course authors, subject matter contributors, industry contributors, Work Study students, web developers, graphic designers, multimedia creators and others involved in the development process. Evaluates, selects, hires and supervises external contractors, Work Study and Co-op students to work on these projects. Manages relationships and communication with external advisory committees for these projects. Carries out consultations such as needs assessments and training program reviews with internal and external stakeholders.
  2. Manages certificate programs and other continuing education offerings, including the UBC Certificate in Industrial Wood Finishing and the WMC Management Training Program. Coordinates the work of UBC instructors and hires and supervises external instructors. Manages coordination with other educational institutions regarding joint program delivery, including selection of instructors, negotiation of fees, course scheduling and promotion. Sets and monitors budgets, supervises the collection of tuition fees.
  3. Undertakes instructional design of new e-learning, blended learning and face-to-face industry courses, including repurposing of undergraduate courses for use as industry training programs. Provides technical input for new training courses and certificate programs, develops learning outcomes, identifies required course content and subject matter expert requirements, selects learning activities and assessment methods in collaboration with other subject matter experts and, where applicable, with industry advisory committees. Edits and proofs course documents, reviews graphic and multimedia elements for all e-learning courses.
  4. Serves as main tutor for the UBC Certificate in Industrial Wood Finishing. Monitors industry participation in online discussion forums and other course activities, grades all assessed work, coordinates one-week practical session for industry. Upgrades course website annually.
  5. Conducts in-plant training for industry clients on the subjects of wood finishing, quality management, development of standard operating procedures, and other areas of secondary wood products manufacturing based upon specific requests from companies throughout Canada.
  6. Assists in the delivery of industry continuing education workshops in disciplines such as quality management, kiln drying, wood finishing, and other areas.
  7. Coordinates events such as an annual Open House and industry conferences. Identifies companies to be included in email and mailing campaigns, manages logistics, solicits participation from external industry specialists, assists Managing Director with development of technical programs and event agendas.
  8. Serves as a project manager for the Wood First Industry projects. Collects information from industry clients on capacity building needs, creates project workplan proposals and budgets, coordinates the delivery of product development services such as new product design, computer-aided drafting, prototype manufacturing, costing studies, and market analysis.
  9. Assists with marketing and promoting the industry outreach activities of CAWP through attendance at trade shows and industry meetings, assists in negotiating and obtaining in-kind support from equipment and materials vendors.
  10. Manages the industry specific Wood Mark Quality Program. Working with companies to coordinate the implementation of the program including annual recertification
  11. Performs other related duties.

Some travel is required, normally within North America, but occasional overseas travel may be necessary.


CAWP has a number of significant contracts and agreements with provincial, national and international agencies and institutions that are under scrutiny from the external community. This position requires interfacing with a large number of external stakeholders, and the decisions made as part of the abovementioned duties may result in the gain or loss of potential economic opportunities for the University, and may enhance or damage the reputation of CAWP, the Faculty of Forestry, and the University. Consequences of errors could impact the university in such matters as safety, legal, insurance and budget deficit areas. The position exercises considerable judgment and initiative in independent decision making situations.


This position reports to the Managing Director of the Centre for Advanced Wood Processing. Work is reviewed against objectives, which are jointly reviewed and adjusted based on the budgetary targets of the unit, industry training needs, and economic conditions.


The position works as part of a team and supervises the work of Work Study students and external contractors.


Undergraduate degree in a relevant discipline. Preferred – Bachelor’s degree in Wood Products Manufacturing and Masters degree in Education Minimum of four years experience or the equivalent combination of education and experience. plus at least five years’ industry experience providing in-depth knowledge of the skills and education needs of the wood products industry and at least five years’ experience in designing, developing and managing industry-focused education and training programs. Knowledge of and experience in e-learning program design, delivery and management. Ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing. Ability to analyze problems, identify key information and issues, and effectively resolve. Ability to conduct needs analyses, plan, organize, manage, monitor, complete, and evaluate projects within allocated time and resources. Ability to work effectively in a team environment. Familiarity with the safety regulations and protocols relevant for working in an industrial woodworking environment are essential.