The CKCA Certification Program was launched in 2009. Since then, construction methods, and materials have evolved. We are reviewing all aspects of this program to ensure it is current and applicable to all manufacturers. We are also designing new brochures and collateral to support the program, and new forms to simplify the application process. We are investing the time required to ensure we deliver a complete product to you later on this year.

We appreciate your patience as we update this important program! Some key details around the program are listed below. If you have questions, or would like to become certified please contact us.

How do you differentiate your kitchen and bath cabinets from the confusion of imported product that varies widely in quality and consistently offers lower pricing? Until now, there has been no program in place to allow cabinet manufacturers to point out the difference between quality that is assured and that which is not.

The Canadian Kitchen Cabinet Association provides national standards for cabinet makers across the country. This program fills an industry need for a means to differentiate Canadian-made cabinets from imported cabinetry. The Construction and Material Testing

Standard for Kitchen Cabinets and Vanities is available to all active CKCA members in Canada. For details on membership please visit our membership page.

National standards are an accepted measure of performance and product quality, encompassing practically every product or service that today’s consumer encounters. The CKCA’s standard provides your customers with the information to make informed, confident decisions when they renovate or purchase a new home. Like other well-established certification programs, such as ENERGY STAR, Canadian Standards Association (CSA), and LEED Rating Systems Certification, this program offers Canadian cabinet manufacturers the opportunity to build consumer confidence with the promise of consistent quality products they can trust.