Plant Tours – Good for Business

The CKCA works diligently to set up plant tours for it’s members at both the Regional as well as the National Conferences. It is one of the main reasons that members attend and is one of the most difficult activities to set up. The entire premise of the CKCA is that, we as members, all benefit when we learn from one another. Part of that education rests on our confidence in hosting a tour of our respective plants for our fellow members.


Don’t be afraid of hosting a tour, embrace it

While attending a National Conference many years ago Mr. Hewlett Sr. (Ottawa Valley) was the President of the CKCA and was giving a wonderful speech about the association and within the body of that speech encouraged members to host a plant tour. Using his famous wit, he stated “At the end of the day what do we do? We all make boxes with pretty doors, so don’t be afraid of hosting a plant tour, embrace it.”

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