Sherwin-Williams releases trends report for 2017



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Today’s homes tend to have more contemporary elements: sleek designs
that offer a minimalistic feel and ability to mix and match accent pieces to
portray an individual’s tastes and personality. This trend of incorporating
eclectic elements into a living space has even migrated into kitchens,
where the growing percentage of millennial home-owners has only helped
the trend gain even more traction. However, the trends we’re seeing on the
coasts are distinct from the designs that work for the rest of the country.
As kitchens go beyond their traditional usage and increase in size, we are seeing more use of interior
designers for the creation of unique kitchens to match the preferences of customers who desire an
eclectic, personalized atmosphere. Remodels in general are becoming more and more popular, and
kitchens lead the way as one of the most desired remodel options. Some hot items and themes in
kitchens include:
■■ Although the most requested colors typically fall within whites, neutrals, and stains,
Sherwin-Williams color matching system has the capability to match the customer’s
preference for any color that they would want.
■■ Cabinet capabilities to accommodate hidden appliances.
These items, as well as space efficient options are becoming
increasingly popular. For example, toe kick drawers, and floor
to ceiling cabinets to lodge concealed refrigerators, icemakers,
and pantries.
■■ Demand for islands is booming. They are increasing their
functionality beyond just being a cooking or cleaning surface
and now can house charging stations, bookshelves, and hidden
appliances. Current popular countertop materials include granite,
wood, concrete, laminate, glass, or even a mixed media blend of
these materials to add an extremely personal touch.
■■ Paint vs. Stain. Speaking generally, stained cabinets remain
the most common type of finish although painted finishes are
growing in popularity. Painted cabinets in shades of white, beige,
and gray are extremely popular in the Northeast, while stain
continues to be the number one option in places like the
Midwest and Southwest.
■■ Door Styles. Shaker style cabinets continue to be a leading
option. Beyond that, cabinet styles that fit either the
contemporary or the transitional styles seem to split the
market. More ornate detailing like applied molding remains
more common in places like the Northeastern United States.
■■ Lighting. With technology advances in LED lighting making
it more customer-friendly and versatile, we are seeing its more
frequent incorporation into toe-kicks and directly below cabinet
fixtures and countertops. Additionally, it doesn’t get as hot,
can last for years, and even can be compatible with “smart”
technologies for operation.
■■ Bold & Diverse. Colors and styles are evolving as quickly as
the world around us, and are found to be just as diverse as well.
The state of color has never been more restless. New spirituality,
cultural flux, feisty self-expression and soulful nostalgia are
combining to paint an emerging portrait of our shared future.

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