Upper Canada Renovates using Elegant and Modern TFL Collections

Upper Canada Vancouver Office Renovates Using Elegant

and Modern TFL Collections

Last year, Upper Canada Forest Products’ Vancouver branch decided to upgrade their office space. The goal was to outfit the workplace with modern and functional custom woodwork and furniture – a layout that would enhance their company culture. This included multiple sales desks, countertop working spaces, kitchens, reception desk and various office furniture.

When it came to selecting material for this renovation, the choice was rather easy. Upper Canada looked no further than in-house TFL collections, choosing high gloss decorative panels from Polylac, an ecological PET multi-layered product, with the highest scratch and heat resistance on the market. To compliment this high gloss look, they choose an element pre-stained engineered panel from their very own line, Element Veneer, offering the most contemporary designs sought after today.

The materials proved to meet the needs of exceptional functionality and style – the result was a “clean office” look, free of wires, visible grommets and electrical boxes. In fact, this renovation was so exceptional, it won the Ed Fielder Award for Overall Excellence in Quality & Service from the BC Chapter of the Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers Association (AWMAC) at the BC Awards of Excellence in 2017.

To learn more about the materials used in this project, browse the Polylac Collection and Element Veneer Collection.

Upper Canada is a proud Sponsor of the CKCA.
Dec 2018

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