Advice from CKCA Member, Peter DeGelder, COGS Approach. Read Peter’s bio here.

COGS Thoughts – Purchasing Direction (Jan 2019) – One-stop shopping is efficient and desirable. Bzzzd – wrong!  Losing the expolorer attitude is the first symptom of complacency in the purchasing game. We need to take every call, accept every meeting and compare every potential solution. This is a key approach that is indicative of a successful Buying Group – Read more.

COGS Thoughts – Purchasing Control  (Dec 2018) – From the purchasing perspective we have a choice. Time after time, the path of least resistance wins, and we are resigned to purchase from the obvious, loudest, closest and easiest. Instinctively we suspect there are better solutions, but other priorities obstruct the effort of analysis.- Read more.

COGS Thoughts – The Rope Part II  (Nov 2018) – Unfortunately, we often narrow our vision of the competition to those who are in our range of vision.  Losing a job or a contract to a close competitor is a painful experience.  Many of us obsess about that loss and focus on never repeating that failure.  That attitude will narrow our vision, and our focus. Read more

COGS Thoughts – The Rope Part 1 (Oct 2018) – COGS is the key indicator for our success, and I thought it an appropriate name for my corporation.  How we approach sales and purchasing management will determine our success.  You have chosen well by working within a group such as the CKCA – because we all do better when we work together; pulling on the same rope, in the same direction. – Read more