MLJ lInternationaL

CKCA has partnered with Lynne Jacob, Business Coach with MLJ International. Lynne offers tips and advice to help you and your business thrive. If you like the various postings we list below, then give Lynne a call. It may be the healthiest decision you’ll ever make.

phone: +1 506-800-5147 text: +1 613-484-3861

Lynne has been helping businesses in the trades since 2004. She is a straight shooter, tell-it-like-it-is coach who has helped businesses overcome challenges much faster and more easily than her clients imagined without having to work harder, longer hours. Lynne knows that one of the hardest things for business owners to do is hand over the reins to their employees, but as an international coach Lynne sees the younger generations as more risk-taking and entrepreneurial-minded than many previous generations and she believes that this can be great news for you to get the support you need whether you have years of work ahead or if you are considering a retirement exit strategy.  Lynne believes that “fun has never been so profitable”.  healthiest decision you’ll ever make.

CKCA met Lynne when we invited her to be our keynote speaker at the CKCA National Forum in May 2018. Lynne has agreed to continue the conversation. Watch for new postings here.

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