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Want to increase company revenues between 30% – 300% with less stress and more happiness?

Business coaching that works!

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  • Be successful in business.
  • Get better at what you do.
  • Less stress. Less chaos.

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“After 35 years in business and often wearing too many hats, I now have the tools to work on my business instead of in it.  I have more control over my day. My business is better because I am better. It’s that simple.”

Gerald Van Woudenberg, President Van Arbour Design, CKCA member.

CKCA has partnered with POWERPODS to bring members cutting-edge business coaching. Using neurocoaching techniques, this system works and its proven, evidence-based and can generate positive, lasting results in performance transformation that is measurable.

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It only took NINE CKCA members to save $381,000 in the first year – wow!

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 CKCA Medical Benefit Program is here!

We know keeping skilled workers is tough in a competitive market.

Offering medical benefits is a value add for attracting and keeping good talent.

But that can be costly.

But how does this sound?

  • Unlimited drug coverage.
  • Save thousands every year and keep your rates stable for 24 months.
  • Preferred Pharmacy Network with Costco
  • Access to brand name medications at the generic product rate.

Sound too good to be true?  It’s not! This is THE opportunity for you to offer a great benefits package to your employees for a reasonable rate. Why are we getting such amazing rates?  Because we pooled together to leverage our volume. You’ no longer have to be alone in dealing with benefits. We’re looking out for all our members.

Got a special relationship with your broker? Don’t worry, we’ll work with them after all your broker should be interested in a program that gives you more for a better price right?

We can do a comparison for you with your existing plan and ours to compare, so you know you’re comparing apples to apples. Just send us a copy of your monthly benefits bill, let us run the numbers and do a full comparison. We could save you thousands and get you a better plan. For companies who don’t offer a plan, this could be the most cost effective way to afford one.

Try us and see. You’ve got nothing to lose and plenty to gain and yes you could be getting a better deal. Why overpay?

“CKCA medical benefits has opened a door for us to great coverage for our employees at phenomenal pricing. We are so pleased to have access to these rates, this program is a huge value add for our company. I would recommend to any member, whether you are a manufacturer, supplier, dealer or associate to look at CKCA’s medical benefits program and, at a minimum, get a quote to see for yourself. You could be putting money back in your pocket as we have done here at Triangle Kitchen.” – Pete Fournier, President, Triangle Kitchen, NB

“As a small shop, accessing good rates for medical benefits coverage can be challenging, however, through CKCA, we were able to obtain better coverage at a more affordable cost. Being able to provide this improved benefit package gives us the upper hand when it comes to recruiting and retaining good employees. I would highly recommend any company take a look and consider what CKCA has to offer – regardless the company size.” – Gerald Van Woudenberg, Owner, Van Arbour Design, BC

Contact:  CKCA Group Advisor Alice Bejancu at 613-286-2313 or email

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Need Commercial Liability Insurance?

wood manufacturing is becoming more difficult to insure, Are you sure you’re getting the best coverage and rating for your wood business?

CKCA Members are invited to consider switching to WOODsure Insurance Protection because:

  • WOODsure understands your business with over 25 years of supporting companies in the Wood Industry by offering competitive solutions
  • WOODsure can assess you properly because of they have a rating system for woodworkers
  • 10-20% premium discounts (CKCA members only) – Subject to Market Conditions
  • WOODsure  comes to your shop, offers sound advise to mitigate risk
  • WOODsure is more than insurance, it’s peace of mind!

Here’s what one member says:

“Firstly they have knowledge of our industry which makes the experience totally different. There is a thorough assessment of who you are, how you function, what your needs are and then they take a look at what you have been using for insurance.
I have been impressed with the thoroughness of their process, their intimate knowledge of the woodworking / manufacturing industry and their tailor-made insurance for that. On top of all that, they came in at a competitive cost to what we had previously been paying with better coverage (in our case it was less). WOODsure has shown themselves to be more than just another insurance provider.”

Want to know more?

Contact: or

WOODsure is the ONLY Wood Insurance Program in Canada and is offered by CORE Canada Insurance Solutions Inc., a National Broker with a wide range of Commercial Insurance Solutions.

CKCA Corporate Discount Program

Give your staff access to health

Healthy staff are our greatest resource. Now you can offer your staff a significant corporate discount!

Available to you, your staff and their families. Want to know more?

Use this flyer to promote the program with your employees

FAQs & Enrollment Instructions

Have more questions:


Cards are good for one year from the date of issue (marked on the card)

Mark’s Work Warehouse Discount

10% ON all products!

Discount for you and all your staff at Mark’s Work Warehouse

cards are mailed to members (cards have an expiry date listed – can be used multiple times)

also did you know Mark’s has a Footwear Program?

Mark’s Commercial supplies thousands of businesses across Canada with compliant industrial workwear, footwear, PPE as well as branded uniforms and apparel.  Outfit your crew from head to toe through bulk wholesale programs that send you the right products to the right place at the right time.

For more details on the program click here.


Contact Mark Remington, Small Business Group, Mark’s Commercial

Email: or call 403-692-7641

Please identify yourself as a member of CKCA to Mark.[/vc_column_text]

Duo Membership – It’s an Amazing Deal!


This partnership adds strength to the voice of the independent business owner in Canada and brings many more business advantages for CKCA members.

Benefits for CKCA members include:

  • One convenient member fee that gives members access to two organizations focused on the sustainability of independent business in Canada.
  • Employee savings programs and medical benefits programs
  • Proactive lobbying at all three levels of government
  • Significant business savings on payment processing, accounting software, insurance, payrollprocessing, courier shipping and more!
  • Online business training courses and webinars for both employers and employees
  • Access to CFIB Business Counsellors and advice in every province

CKCA Past-President, Mike Slobodian says:

“The strategic partnership between the CKCA and CFIB allows us to bring increased value to our membership by adding CFIB’s entire list of tools, resources, programs and advocacy to the CKCA’s member services. The CFIB also offers help and support in many areas of business development that our members can leverage for future growth. Combining memberships under the CKCA banner and eliminating the CFIB dues for CKCA members just makes sense.”

Fuel Discounts for your Fleet

Petro-Canada offers CKCA Members this Association Program for manufacturers and suppliers

  • Think about how much you spend in fuel.
  • 5 cars use 20,000L of fuel in 1 year.
  • As a CKCA member, with SuperPass you get a 2.4 cent / litre discount on every purchase.
  • That’s over $400 saved in a year
  • That’s not all!  You can augment the program you already have.
  • Check out the options here and see why other companies are using this program to save them time and money.

Packaging Solutions for Kitchen Cabinets

Offering CKCA members a $15K (yes that’s 15K) savings on installation fees.

Learn here why other CKCA members such as Deslaurier Cabinets and Decor Cabinets use Packsize and take advantage of member special rates today!


Environmental Solution and a Socially Conscious Program

increase warehouse space, get rid of old stock, reduce dumping fees – donate! We make it easier to donate through a partnership program. just call rumee sHrestha at 647-289-5064 or and tell them you’re a ckca member