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2019 Ligna & Interzum – What manufacturers saw, what they learned!

May 23, 2019 - May 31, 2019


































hear what manufacturers who attended Ligna and interzum thought of THIS “mega tour” program!

CKCA took a group out of their shops for 8 days to see what’ going on internationally. It appears it was time well spent. Read on!

In partnership with Hettich and Venjakob – 8 days in Europe attending Interzum and LIGNA shows plus amazing plant tours!

Here’s what attendees told us about their experience:

“Really enjoyed entire trip.  Ligna and Interzum are bigger and better than their North American counterparts and the technology of the hardware and machinery is definitely ahead of what we have here.  One thing in particular that we really liked was the new Hettich mechanical push to open drawer slides.  We have used a few different brands of currently available mechanical push to open hardware and nothing has really worked the way we would like it to and we actually try to encourage customers not to go with push to open mechanical slides. 

From what we could tell testing out the new Hettich ones though they seem like they will be exactly what we are looking for so we are really looking forward to those coming to Canada.The pace of the trip was excellent with lots of planned tours and activities and the whole group was a lot of fun to hang around with.  Claudia and Hettich did a fantastic job as our hosts and they added a lot to the experience. 

I think you should for sure continue to offer these programs and partnering with the German hardware and machine manufacturers worked really well.Thanks for all the planning and effort that went into making it a great experience.  It really was an awesome trip and I hope you continue to offer it!” – Cougar Cabinets. 

“So many companies that sell product or machinery than you never hear of in Canada. Amazing amount of technology used already and more for the future.” – Adora Kitchens

“I had the most wonderful experience in Germany. The country was so beautiful, the food was delicious, and I met with many kind and resourceful people. I truly feel as though I learned so much on this trip. I’d like to express my deepest gratitude to Hettich and Venkajob for their warm hospitality. Also a big thank you to CKCA in helping to coordinate this program. I really appreciate the opportunity to meet with so many kitchen manufacturers and

I felt so inspired by all of the amazing kitchen design and solutions, and thrilled to see such spectacular innovations at Interzum and Ligna. I look forward to participating in programs like this in the future. – Basaltic Kitchens

“What we have seen at both Interzum and Ligna are things we are able to seen online. That said, there is nothing like seeing it live, and in the scale (grandiose) it was presented. There is nothing like being there live and being able to touch and feel. The quality and quantity…of just “everything” was just overwhelming!

The level of automatization at Ligna was mind blowing, it is something you can only truly appreciate in these sort of environments.  I did notice while touring the various plants… it’s how relaxed the work environment seems to be. Employees were going at what seemed to be a slow and relaxed pace…and things were getting done. This to me is a reflection of true efficiency!I came back with a such a long list of innovations and integrations I want to look into. There are so much opportunities in the cabinet business…but you sometimes need to step away from the daily routine of your own shop to really see it.

I didn’t truly see the value of it before this trip. It really has changed my view. These programs / trips are great food for the mind, and living it with fellow colleagues from the industry from across the country adds to the experience with all the great debates and discussions.  Hettich and Venjakob did a tremendous job!!!Potvin Kitchens
CKCA and Hettich once again partnered-up for anther successful 2019 Interzum and Ligna tour in Germany and this time Venjakob joined in the program! The trip spanned 9 days, with members spending 1.5 days at Interzum, 2.5 days at Ligna, 1 Day at Hettich’s Head Office and production facilities as well as a guided tour of Venjakob’s state of-the art manufacturing facility and a tour of Nobilia’s showroom.Mixed in with this was some leisure time, including Hettich’s customer appreciate party, Volkswagen plant tour, city tours and night time dinners as well as free-time to tour some of Germany’s most iconic attractions. Overall, the event was another success and the CKCA members connected with one another, sharing stories, ideas and experiences. We are looking forward to the next Interzum and Ligna shows in 2021 and hope even more members come out and join in the experience.

Still not sure if that much time out of the shop is worth it?

Here’s even more comments received by those who attended:

“So we are back at work after a simply AWESOME trip in Germany. I cannot describe how amazed we were by all there was to see. We are coming back with our heads filled with ideas than we cannot wait to try out….where to start?!!!

“We were very fortunate in getting to meet all other CKCA members in the group…great people!”

“I had a great time for the last nine days, thank you  for sharing your fountain of knowledge, hope we will all keep in touch and continue to build our friendship.”

“It was a pleasure meeting you all and getting to know you ,we are taking back with us some great additional knowledge as well as great connections / friendship.”

“We had a great time in Germany with all of you and it was nice to get to know you a little. Hope to see you again at an event or at our shops.”      

“We had a great time wearing out our shoes at the shows and the plant tour’s were an absolute eye opener for us.”  

“Being newer to the industry it was an incredible opportunity for me to meet fellow peers.”

Hope we’ll see you in 2021