Why Become a Member?

Because by knowing what others are doing, you can make better decisions for your own business.

What’s the alternative?

Skip the knowledge and struggle with the same challenges others have and continue to make the same mistakes.

CKCA Membership is open to all cabinet manufacturers, related millwork manufacturers, suppliers, dealers and associates across Canada.

 Now CKCA membership includes CFIB membership!

For eligible members, CKCA membership now includes membership with the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB).  See the details and benefits here.                


CKCA Membership Offers


Quality assurance program for Canadian manufacturers that will elevate your product and differentiate yourself amongst others – see our certification page for more information.


Take advantage of professional development available at our events.


Create strategic alliances and build lasting business relationships through networking and at our events that will have an important impact on your business.


Be there when your potential customers are searching for you via our on-line business directory.


Be part of a collective voice of your fellow business owners – working together to affect local and national issues.


Take advantage of discounted registration rates for the National Forum and Regional Events.

Exclusive Online Resources

Found in the member’s only section of our website.

For more details on the CKCA membership benefits, click here.

We provide access to a support system

Our members can take advantage of formal coaching or mentoring relationships with more experienced business people who provide guidance and useful insights through CKCA connections. Even on an informal basis, business relationships can be a source of answers and solutions when you’re facing a challenging situation in your business. At the very least, the feeling that you have a support network behind you can boost your confidence when problems arise.

Join Now


We have been a member of CKCA for over 40 years. Membership has helped us forge trusted relationships with colleagues, suppliers and competitors within the industry.  We all want to succeed in our business.  CKCA membership has created many opportunities for us to talk and share ideas, discuss and solve challenges, be inspired and find innovative ways to operate our business.  If we are looking to purchase a new piece of equipment, I can call a colleague I’ve met through CKCA and get their trusted input because we know them. It’s not good business practice to work in a silo, being part of the CKCA community has helped our business evolve, compete and grow.  Caroline Castrucci, Vice-President, Administration Laurysen Kitchens, Ottawa, Ontario


Membership Fees

Manufacturer Member

1 – 5 Employees

Manufacturer Member

6 – 15 Employees

Manufacturer Member

16 – 50 Employees

Manufacturer Member

Over 50 Employees
$1100 PER YEAR

Supplier Member

$1100 PER YEAR

Dealer Member


Associate Member


Student Member


The CKCA Membership term is January 1- December 31 and renewals are issued in December. New members will be moved to an anniversary date system, whereby the date of joining will become the annual date of renewal for the following year.

CKCA membership classifications and definitions:

Manufacturer Member:

Any person, firm or corporation engaged in the kitchen cabinet and bathroom vanity industry that manufactures factory finished cabinets in Canada, or other country, approved by the Board of Directors.

Supplier Member:

Any person, firm or corporation who provides goods or services used by kitchen cabinet and bathroom vanity manufacturers to produce the cabinets. These include, but are not limited to, manufacturers and suppliers of: countertops, hardware, laminates, cabinet doors, coatings and finishing products, edgebanding, lumber and panel products, equipment, and computer software companies. A supplier member is not eligible for membership in any other category.


Any person, organization, association or corporation related to, or interested in, the industry is eligible with no voting or office holding privileges. These include, but are not limited to: educational institutions, publications, trade show organizers, consultants, remodelers, financial institutions, architects, and designers.


Any person, organization or corporation engaged in the sale at the retail level, but not the manufacture, of kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities.

Student Member:

The student member shall be engaged in a full time or part time study of cabinet making, or woodworking in a recognized, accredited institution in Canada. This can be a College or University program.

Student members can attend all events and can be part of committees but are not eligible for a board seat and are non-voting members.

Upon graduation from the educational program, the student membership will be valid for the rest of the membership term (fiscal year depending on the date of joining) at which point the regular member rate will be applicable.

There are no costs for student membership



  • Make Good Decisions: Talk to other manufacturers across Canada, learn what others are doing.
  • Connections:  Make valuable professional contacts and build trusted strategic alliances with industry colleagues and suppliers.
  • Perspective – National and Local:  Meet and speak with colleagues from across Canada at CKCA events (national and regional) and at the Manufacturer’s Roundtable, share ideas, share your challenges and find solutions that work for you.
  • Access to International Trends:  Collaborate with colleagues on group trips to Interzum/Ligna and EuroCucina – where trends begin!
  • Save Time:  No need to work in a silo, lean on your network built within the association to gain insight on trends and issues management.
  • Financial Savings:  Through privilege programs offered at CKCA, gain access to programs geared to your business needs.
  • Career Postings:  Free career postings on the CKCA website for positions within your company.
  • Information Relevant to You:  Receive regular updates about issues that will have an important impact on your business. CKCA monitors trends and shares information with its membership.
  • Representation:  Be part of a collective voice of your fellow business owners – working together to affect local and national issues.  Canada builds better!
  • Visibility – Be accessible to potential clients through our on-line business directory.  Gain access to a wealth of useful information and tools.
  • Credibility – By associating with CKCA you become part of a community of kitchen cabinet manufacturers who collectively are moving the Canadian kitchen cabinet industry forward by promoting excellence, continuous improvement and the adoption of manufacturing certification and standards.  You can proudly carry the CKCA logo on your website.
  • Competitive Edge – CKCA is constantly looking at ways to help its members compete in a national market.  Through programs such as the CKCA Certification Program,  members can increase their competitive edge by certifying through CKCA as a quality assured manufacturer.  Your customers and your competitors will want to know more.
  • Professional Development – Attend educational sessions and/or get involved in any CKCA committees and shape the future of your career and your company.
  • Help your Company Prosper! – By accessing the wealth of tools and information available through CKCA there are many benefits geared to help your business grow.
  • Membership is a Good Investment – The connections you make, the resources made available to you and the ideas and advice you discover represent an outstanding return on what amounts to a modest, manageable investment of time, money and effort. It could turn out to be one of the best things you could do for yourself, your career and your company.
  • Vote = Voice – Members, (but not Student Members), shall have the right to vote at any duly constituted business meeting of the Association and shall have the right to hold office in the Association.