Habitat for Humanity Canada is a national, non-profit organization working toward a world where everyone has a decent and affordable place to call home.

Habitat would like to partner with CKCA members to ensure unwanted, obsolete and old inventory is put to good use.  This benefits you, the environment and your community.

Please consider donating, find all the information here.



The wood industry has changed and continues to evolve.

Consumers who purchase Canadian built kitchens are taking an environmental step!

Buying Canadian built means consumers are supporting their local/regional/Canadian wood industry who must comply with Canadian environmental law. Buying locally built reduces the shipping footprint from products manufactured in other countries. Know more about where products come from and what’s in them. Don’t forget, Canadian cabinetmakers live in our communities too!

FSC – Forest Stewardship Council – Click here to learn more.

National Forest Management System (refreshed standard) click here.

Look for and shop for products with the FSC symbol.

Consider  FSC certification and show customers your commitment to the environment.

Andrew Tremblay, Market Development Manager at FSC gave an excellent presentation to CKCA attendees at the CKCA Regional Event in Halifax, NS in September 2019.  With refreshed standards that took 10 years to build, this organization has something to offer manufacturers looking to build consumer confidence in their products.  Here’s a quick summary of what Andrew had to say. But also, consider FSC certification and buy FSC certified wood products.

Green Building is a bit of a trendy topic these days. Almost everyone in the industry is looking for solutions to make buildings more sustainable. Learn more about how Akzo Nobel is developing products and technologies that have a positive impact.

Do you share your green policy with your clients?

Why not place something in your showroom and on your website and tell customers. They aren’t asking? Tell them anyway. It could be the tipping point to making a decision to buy Canadian and from your shop!

Cabinetworks in Halifax, NS has their green commitment on display in their showroom.