What’s the Point?
You may have noticed that this is not our first time sharing our thoughts in this email
campaign. Over the past few months, we have been sharing tips and advice in hopes of
helping you be able to improve your online presence, whether it be for your website or
social accounts. We hope some of what we have shared has been helpful; but you may be
asking, what is the point of all of this? Why make changes to our online presence when it
has served us just fine for so many years?
There is a problem with that above statement…“ for so many years.” The harsh reality is
that times have changed. People are relying on technology more than ever to get the
information they need. The more that information is displayed in a nice and neat little
package, the better! We are also living in a time where everything is measured. Coffee’s
are made with what seems to be a scientific precision, our bodies are measured and
analyzed so that we can gain greater insight into our inner workings, and website
visitors are tracked by time, location, and how they interact with the content. Having
access to this information means that we can discover even more about potential
customers and make strategic changes to our online presence to speak to them directly!

Have you already been making these changes? That’s great! Have you seen results? Even
better! If you haven’t, however, don’t get discouraged. While we live in an age of
information, we also live in an age where people take their time to make a purchasing
decision. Just as businesses rely on analytics; consumers rely on research. Through
compiling data and making comparisons, customers are taking their time which can be
both exciting and frustrating as a business owner.
Our advice? Continue to make improvements. Continue to measure the success of your
website and social accounts. Continue to refine your message. If you find yourself asking
what the point is… good! Use this question to spur you on to make the necessary
changes to your site. It could be the best business decision you make in 2019.

Contact us if you’d like to chat a bit more on how you can begin to measure the success
of your online presence. It’s easy once you get the hang of it!